Slip And Fall

If you or a loved one were recently the victim of a slip and fall, you might have some options. The fall might not be your fault. Often, we fall because the place where we were trying to walk wasn’t built properly. When a sidewalk or other walking surface is made in an improper way, it can hurt people like you. You can also get hurt when a surface isn’t taken care of properly after it’s built.

Where This Can Happen

A slip and fall can happen to anyone. It can occur in places that you don’t expect, such as when stairways are broken or when walkways are poorly lit. A slip and fall can happen on the ice, in a poorly maintained parking lot, or by a swimming pool. You could even have heavy products fall on you at a retail store. Elevators and escalators are other common places for injuries.

What is a Slip and Fall?

The legal name for a slip and fall lawsuit is called premises liability. That just means that the people in charge of the property that you were on when you fell didn’t take care of the property the way that they should have. If that failure causes you to fall and hurt yourself, the property owner can be liable to pay you damages.

What To Prove in Court

To prove a slip and fall case in court, we show that the person in charge of the property was negligent. Negligence is a fancy word that just means that they didn’t take care of their property the way that they should have. It means that most reasonable people would have done a better job than they did taking care of the property.

Why Work With An Attorney?

When you have a slip and fall, it’s important that you work with a skilled slip and fall lawyer Philadelphia area. There are a lot of different factors that go into whether you can recover your damages and how much. A skilled attorney helps you sort through the rules and nuances. They provide you honest, up front information about your case. Then they help you present your case in the best possible light.

For example, whether you can recover depends in part on the reason that you were on the other person’s property. Were you invited or were you trespassing? The answer can make a big difference.

Another question is whether the dangers were obvious. Were you just going about your business or were you doing something that you knew was risky? This, too, is an important question when you’re thinking about your slip and fall case. An attorney helps you decide how to present your case so that you can maximize recovery.

What I Recover?

When you’re the victim of a slip and fall in Pennsylvania, there are several different types of damages that might be available to you. Of course, you have expenses from what happened. These cover medical bills, your physical injuries, and mental anguish, to name a few things.

Another great reason to work with a skilled attorney is because they know to ask questions about types of damages that you might not have thought of. Did you know that you might be able to collect damages if your injuries cause you to lose personal privacy? If the other party’s failure to keep their property safe was particularly outrageous, you can even collect what we call punitive damages. Those are intended to punish the property owner for such poor behavior.

Why Hire Us

At Sokolove, Gross and Sagoskin P.C., we’re the industry leaders in Pennsylvania slip and falls. Our client have recovered millions of dollars in slip and fall and premise liability cases. We recovered half a million for a client who fell in a grocery store while there was water on the floor. We recovered more than $100,000 for a client who fell on some uneven steps. These are just two examples of our many client success stories.

We’ve handled so many cases that we know how to push for the maximum settlement in your case. When we prepare your case, we know the right questions to ask to build your case in a strong and methodical way. Our expertise makes us confident in what we do. We know what laws apply to your case and how to make your case to the courts.

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In a slip and fall case, your case is under time limits. You only have a limited amount of time to file your case until it’s lost forever. That makes it crucial that you contact us today so that we can get started on your behalf. We look forward to helping you get everything that you deserve.