About The Firm

Sokolove, Gross & Sagoskin has its roots dating back to the 1960’s when then attorney, Leonard B. Sokolove, opened his law practice on Mill Street in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Over the years, many partners came and went but the foundation, beliefs and commitment to quality client representation have never changed. This small, litigation-oriented firm has, at its core, the belief that remaining small and working closely with our clients on an individual basis is what the true practice of law should be about. A testament to the quality of work coming from our firm is that despite its modest size in numbers, over the years, three partners have been nominated by the governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to serve as judges on the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas.

But don’t let the modest size of the firm lead you to believe that it is not a litigation powerhouse. Its partners have over 125 years combined expertise in state and federal court litigation around the country. The firm has handled matters as diverse as the smallest personal injury matter up to claims in excess of $100 million. Today, Sokolove, Gross and Sagoskin has been selected to represent individuals and families who have been injured and affected by the events of 911 in their claims against the government of Saudi Arabia. These claims arise from legislation promoted by a colleague of the firm who painstakingly helped fight the legislative battle to obtain the right to seek damages from those responsible including the Saudi Government.

Sokolove, Gross and Sagoskin has a proven track record in a multitude of areas. Personal injury cases from auto accidents, construction accidents, product and premise liability, wrongful death and medical malpractice, just to name a few, have been a staple of the firm from its inception. Yet, today, the firm specializes in a number of areas under-represented by others in the practice of law. We have created a stand-alone team of lawyers, working with other professionals, to represent the interests of children, adolescents and their families who have educational claims and special education needs not being provided by their local school districts. Along with our interest in childhood educational needs, we represent those children who have suffered from physical and sexual abuse.

Finally, attorney Sokolove has for almost 40 years represented corporations, communities and financial lending institutions with environmental and regulatory issues involving flood insurance and wetland regulations. To be sure, Sokolove, Gross & Sagoskin may be small in numbers but our hearts are large and our drive to win for our clients is second to none.