Medical Malpractice

You’ve gone in for a medical procedure. It might have been a planned surgery or therapy, or you might have had a sudden medical emergency. Everything should have gone as planned, but you soon realize in horror that something went terribly wrong. Medical malpractice doesn’t care who it strikes. The results can be life changing and even deadly.

Whether your injury results from a misdiagnosis, a failure to test or a surgery error, you want answers. In many cases, a doctor or a treatment team’s failure to provide you with competent, high-quality service amounts to medical malpractice under Pennsylvania law. When this happens, you have options to seek financial recovery for your suffering under the law.

A Common and Avoidable Problem

The frustrating thing about medical malpractice cases is that the harm didn’t have to happen. If your treatment provider hadn’t acted negligently, you wouldn’t be in your current situation. That kind of – What if? – question can cause you a lot of heartache when you’re hurting already.

Of course, what you want to know is what types of damages that you can recover when you’re the victim. In medical malpractice cases, there are a few different types of damages. For example, you have medical bills to pay. You probably have to take significant time away from work or maybe you can never work again. These damages are called compensatory damages.

Other damages are called non-economic damages. These payments attempt to compensate you for your pain and suffering. In some cases, you can even get extra money that serves as a punishment against the person or treatment provider that hurt you. These are called punitive damages. When you work with a competent attorney, they can help you evaluate what types of damages you qualify for.

What We Can Do

In a medical malpractice case, we have to show that the doctor or treatment provider acted negligently. This legal words just mean that the doctor didn’t live up to the standards that most doctors agree are the reasonable practices for care in a case like yours. For example, if most medical professionals agree that you should remove sponges after surgery, and your surgeon forgets to remove a sponge, that’s an example of medical negligence. If most doctors would have done an x-ray and your doctor didn’t, that could be negligence, too. When their negligence results in your injury, Pennsylvania law says that they have to pay you for your losses.

When you work with Sokolove, Gross and Sagoskin P.C., you’re working with the top medical malpractice lawyer Philadelphia team. We’ve recovered millions of dollars for our medical malpractice clients in a variety of cases. If you get a great settlement offer before trial, we’re happy for you. If you need to go to trial to get all that you deserve, we’re not afraid to pull up our sleeves and work late into the night.

What sets us apart is the sheer number of cases that we’ve handled in our more than thirty years in the legal trenches. We know the courtrooms, the judges and the right questions to ask to pursue your case. When you choose a medical malpractice attorney, it’s important to choose a team that knows the ins and outs of Pennsylvania medical malpractice law, and that’s us. We pride ourselves on a personal touch, honest and constant communication with our clients, and explaining things to you in ways that you can understand.

Hire Someone Today

In the law, there are time limits. That means there is a limited period of time that you have to file your claim. The fancy word for this time limit is called the Statute of Limitations. If you don’t get your claimed filed before time runs out, it’s lost forever. Most of the time, this limit is two years. In some cases, you might not know that you’re injured or the victim of medical malpractice until later on. In those cases, you might have more time, but time is still limited.

At Sokolove, Gross and Sagoskin P.C. we take your success personally. We know the right questions to ask and evaluations to have done in order to help you prepare your case. We help you form reasonable expectations about your case and we let you know how long it takes to move from step to step in the court system. We aren’t just attorneys, we’re advocates for you and your family. We’re advocates for a fair and honest system where doctors are held accountable for their work.

Most of all, we take pride in helping our clients get the compensation they need and deserve. While we can never make it right, we can make things a little bit better in order to help you create a plan for your future.